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The following information on this page is for reference only. Most of the information has been verified but some is not. It is intended to give a possible connection or location in order to do further research and is intended for that purpose only.

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There are many variations for the "Minnick" surname(most listed below). I am using this surname for my data base as it seems to be the most commonly used. I reference the other surname in my notes.

Minnich, Minich, Mennig, Menig, Manig, Mannig, Mennich, Menich, Mench, Muensch, Muench, Munch, Minick, Minnick


About 1805 this rock provided shelter for John & Catherine Minnick. It protruded out much more then. They parked their and built fires in an arc to keep the wolvesaway. This cave is at the base of "Minnick Mountain" Just outside Bowerstown, Ohio.

I. Johannes (John) MINNICK was born 2 Feb 1772 in Franklin Co., PA. He died 7 Dec 1848 in Bowerstown, Harrison Co., OH and was buried in Longview Cem., Harrison Co., OH. Johannes married (1) Cathenne GOW on 17 Aug 1803 in Washington Co., MD. Catherine was born 6 Jan 1779 in MD. She died 8 Nov 1845 in Bowerstown, Harrison Co., OH.

They had the following Children

2F i. Magdolena MINNICK was born 18 Oct 1806 in Carroll Co., OH. She died 30 Aug 1867 in Tuscarawas Co., OH and was buried in Hartwood Church, Washington Twp., OH. Magdolena married James S. UPDEGRAF on 16 Nov 1821 in Harrison Co., OH. James was born 10 May 1791. He died 11 Apr 1866 in Tusearawas Co., OH.

3F ii. Sophia MINNICK was born 1811 in Tuscarawas Co.. OH. She died 21 Nov 1896 in Harrison Co., OH and was buried 22 Nov 1896 in Longview Ce., Bowerstown, Harrison Co., OH.

4F iii. Mary Sarah MTNNICK was born 16 Oct 1814 in Harrison Co., Ohio. She died 2 Oct 1888 in Glencoe, Dodge Co, Nebraska and was buried in Glencoe Cem., Dodge Co., Nebraska. Mary married (1) Thomas B BUTTERFIELD, son of John P. Jr. BUTTERFIELD and Mary LONG, on 7 Oct 1832 in Harrison Co. Ohio. Thomas was born 13 Feb 1799 in Favette Co., PA. He died 20 Feb 1845 in Summerville, Union County, Ohio. Mary also married (2) John Timothy MIDDLETON, son of Benjamin MIDDLETON and Many MIDDLETON, on 3 Aug 1851 in Union Co., Oh.. John was born 1803/04 in Monongalia Co., VA. He died 15 Sep 1860 in Bureau Co., IL.

5F iv. Susanna MINNICK was born 18 Oct 1816 in OH. She died 22 Sep 1892 in Connotton, OH and was buried 25 Sep 1892 in Longview Cem., Bowerstown, Harrison Co., OH. Susanna married Henry Shaeffer SNEARY on 13 Apr 1837 in Conotton, Harrison Co., OH.

6M V. Joseph MINNICK was born 30 Jan 1818 in Harrison Co., OH. He died 1 Mav 187 in Bowerstown, Harrison Co., OH and was buried in Longview Cem., Harrison Co., OH.

7M vi. William MINNICK was born 12 Apr 1821 in Harrison Co., OH. He died 24 Nov 1887/88 in Carroll Co., Ohio and was buried in Perrysville Cem., Carroll Co., OH William married (1) Margaret EMERY on 3 Jun 1840 in Carroll Co., OH. The marriage ended in divorce. William also married (2) Margaret HOOBLER, daughter of John HOOBLER, in 1848. Margaret was born 23 Nov 1820. She died 26 Jul 1905 in Carroll Co., OH.

8F vii. Rebecca MINNICK was born 12 Oct 1823 in North Twp., Harrison Co., OH. She died 4 Aug 1869 in North Twp., Harrison Co., OH and was buried in Longview Cem., Bowerstown, Harrison Co. OH. Rebecca married Simon EMERY on 3 Jun 1840 in Harrison Co., OH. The marriage ended in divorce.

Johannes also married (2) Anna Maria BOWER, daughter of Conrad BOWER and Marie Eva BOWER about 1797 in Frederick or Washington Co., MD. Anna was born 1 Nov 1770 in Frederick Co., MD. She died about 1802 in Washington Co. MD.

9F viii. Catherine MINNICK was born 11 Oct 1799 in MD. She died 29 Mar 1883 in Carroll Co., OH and was buried in Longview Cern., Bowerstown, Harrison Co., OH. Catherine married Joseph FLORY in 1817. Joseph was born 1794 in PA. He died 1875.

10M ix. Henry MINNICK was born 1801 in MD. He died about 1846 in Harrison Co., 0H. Henry married Mary TRUSHEL on 28 Oct 1823 in Harrison Co., OH.

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