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Nissen Family Genealogy


Fern WAGGONER [Parents] was born 31 Jul 1888. She died 19 Jun 1961. Fern married GILBERT.

William VAN ALEN

Marritje PATTEN

George Strother MCCLEARY

Effie Dunbar WAGGONER [Parents] was born 1 Mar 1881 in Berwick, Warren Co., IL. She died 25 Jun 1970 in Blackwell, Kay Co., OK. Effie married George Strother MCCLEARY.

Joseph Frank HULL [Parents] was born 15 Apr 1875 in Abingdon, Knox Co., IL`. He died 28 Mar 1949 and was buried in Crown Hill, Denver, CO. Joseph married Mattie MORRIS.


William PAYNE was born 26 Sep 1873. He died Jun 1971 in Scottsbluff, NE. William married Florence Edna BUTTERFIELD.

Florence Edna BUTTERFIELD [Parents] was born 23 Apr 1892 in Franklin Co., NE. She died May 1975 in Scottsbluff, NE. Florence married William PAYNE.

Millard Edward BUTTERFIELD [Parents] was born 12 Sep 1887 in Franklin Co., NE. He died in Sidney, NE. Millard married Margaret Caroline PAYNE on 16 Feb 1916.

Margaret Caroline PAYNE

Heinrich ZELLER was born 1716. He died before 1792 in Berks Co., PA. Heinrich married Anna Maria Margaretha RIETH.

Anna Maria Margaretha RIETH [Parents] was born 1712 in Weiserdorf, Schorarie Co., NY. She died 1807. Anna married Heinrich ZELLER.

James CASE was born about 1817 in OH or IN. He married Margaret (Case).

Margaret (Case) was born 1817/1820. She married James CASE.

They had the following children:

  F i Rebecca CASE was born about 1842.
  F ii Eliza CASE was born about 1845.
  F iii Josephine CASE was born about 1847 and died 23 Jan 1919.
  F iv Martha CASE was born about 1850.
  M v James II CASE was born 15 Sep 1852.
  F vi Rhoda Melissa CASE was born 1852/1853.
  M vii Sidney (Twin) CASE was born 1854/1855.
  F viii Lydia (Twin) CASE was born 1854/1855.
  F ix Ella CASE was born 1855/1856.
  M x Alfred CASE was born 1858 in OH.

William H. HESSINGER married Rebecca CASE on 3 Mar 1859 in Warren Co., OH.

Rebecca CASE [Parents] was born about 1842 in OH. She married William H. HESSINGER on 3 Mar 1859 in Warren Co., OH.

Martin M. WHITCARE married Eliza CASE on 19 Sep 1865 in Warren Co., OH.

Eliza CASE [Parents] was born about 1845. She married Martin M. WHITCARE on 19 Sep 1865 in Warren Co., OH.

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