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Nissen Family Genealogy

Anthony BADGLEY was born in of Flushing, Long Island, NY. He married Elizabeth (Bagley).

Elizabeth (Bagley) married Anthony BADGLEY.

They had the following children:

  M i Anthony BADGLEY was born about 1690 and died 1732.
  F ii Phebe BADGLEY was born about 1696 and died 1776.
  F iii Sarah BADGLEY was born about 1698 and died 1785.
  M iv James BADGLEY was born about 1700 and died 1777.
  M v John BADGLEY was born 1700 and died 1759.
  F vi Elizabeth BADGLEY was born after 1700.

Anthony BADGLEY [Parents] was born about 1690 in Flushing, NY. He died 1732 in Flushing, NY. Anthony married Phebe HAIGHT on 1719.

Phebe HAIGHT married Anthony BADGLEY on 1719.

Peter WILCOCKSE was born 1691. He died 1768. Peter married Phebe BADGLEY on 1715.

Phebe BADGLEY [Parents] was born about 1696. She died 1776. Phebe married Peter WILCOCKSE on 1715.

Joseph DOTY married Sarah BADGLEY on 1721.

Sarah BADGLEY [Parents] was born about 1698. She died 1785. Sarah married Joseph DOTY on 1721.

James BADGLEY [Parents] was born about 1700. He died 1777. James married Hannah KELSEY.


John BADGLEY [Parents] was born 1700. He died 1759. John married Euphemia RADLEY on 1719.

Euphemia RADLEY married John BADGLEY on 1719.


Elizabeth BADGLEY [Parents] was born after 1700. She married Uriah HEDGES.

Mercy (Smith).

She had the following children:

  M i Ralph SMITH was born 28 Oct 1725.
  M ii Samuel SMITH was born 23 Oct 1733.
  M iii David SMITH was born 25 Apr 1736.

Cornelis MELYN [Parents] was christened 17 Sep 1600 in St. Walburga, Antwerp. He married Janneken ADRIAENS on 1627.

Janneken ADRIAENS was born in Myert, Province of N., Brabant, Netherlands. She died 1674 in New Haven. Janneken married Cornelis MELYN on 1627.

They had the following children:

  F i Cornelia MELYN
  F ii Joannes MELYN
  M iii Cornelis (1) MELYN
  M iv Cornelis (2) MELYN
  M v Abraham MELYN
  M vi Isaack (1) MELYN
  M vii Jacob MELYN
  F viii Susanna MELYN.
  F ix Magdalen MELYN
  M x Isaac MELYN

Andries MELYN [Parents] married Maria GHUEDINX-BOTENS on 1597.

Other marriages:

Maria GHUEDINX-BOTENS died about 1606. She married Andries MELYN on 1597.

They had the following children:

  M i Abraham #1 MELYN
  M ii Cornelis MELYN was christened 17 Sep 1600.

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