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Nissen Family Genealogy

Emanuel WOOLEY

Elizabeth (Wooley)


Hannah (Newbie)


Sarah (Poulterer)

Henry CRAWFORD [Parents] married Elizabeth MCCULLOCH on 6 Apr 1764.

Elizabeth MCCULLOCH married Henry CRAWFORD on 6 Apr 1764.


He had the following children:

  M i Henry CRAWFORD.

Joseph LARGE died 26 May 1709 in Bristol, Bucks Co., PA. He married Elizabeth (Large).

Elizabeth (Large) married Joseph LARGE.

They had the following children:

  M i Joseph Jr. LARGE was born 4 Sep 1673 and died 23 Mar 1746.
  M ii John LARGE was born about 1680 and died after 1744.
  M iii Ebenezer LARGE was born May 1684 and died 18 Nov 1759.
  F iv Elizabeth LARGE was born 31 Mar 1685 and died 1727.
  M v Samuel LARGE was born 3 Oct 1686 and died 9 Jun 1765.
  M vi Henry LARGE was born 10 Oct 1697 and died 1727.
  M vii Jonathan LARGE was born 8 Oct 1698.
  M viii Jacob LARGE died 1722.
  M ix Daniel LARGE
  M x Thomas LARGE
  M xi Richard LARGE died 1705.
  F xii Mary LARGE died 1707.

Jacob LARGE [Parents] died 1722. He married Elizabeth FIELD on 1719.

Elizabeth FIELD married Jacob LARGE on 1719.

Thomas LARGE [Parents]

Ellin (Large)

Richard LARGE [Parents] died 1705. He married Hester HOMER on 21 Jun 1702.

Hester HOMER married Richard LARGE on 21 Jun 1702.


Mary LARGE [Parents] died 1707. She married Robert SAUNDERS.

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