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Nissen Family Genealogy

Samuel Ashmeade DYER


Mathias Michael MINNICH [Parents] was born 10 Mar 1779 in Berks Co., PA. He died 20 Sep 1860 in Timberville, Rockingham, VA. Mathias married Catherine BOWMAN on 1795.

Other marriages:
DRAWBOND, Christina

Catherine BOWMAN was born 25 Oct 1779. She died 18 Jan 1815. Catherine married Mathias Michael MINNICH on 1795.

They had the following children:

  F i Nanna "Anna" MINNICH
  M ii John MINNICH was born about 1797.
  M iii Michael MINNICH was born about 1798 and died 12 Mar 1863.
  M iv Mathias Michael MINNICH was born 1 Mar 1800 and died 9 Jun 1882.
  M v Jacob MINNICH was born 21 Jan 1802 and died 30 Dec 1881.
  M vi Isreal MINNICH was born about 1804 in Rockingham Co., VA.
  M vii Peter MINNICH was born about 1805 in Rockingham Co., VA.
  F viii Elizabeth MINNICH was born about 1806.
  M ix Andrew MINNICH was born about 1808.
  M x George W. MINNICH
  F xi Catherine MINNICH was born about 1810.
  F xii Annie MINNICH was born about 1812.
  F xiii Polly MINNICH was born about 1814.


Julie Zelina MACKLOT

Leonard MINNICH [Parents] was born 8 Aug 1778. He died 16 Oct 1866. Leonard married Christina BREHM.

Christina BREHM married Leonard MINNICH.

They had the following children:

  M i Henry MINNICH was born 1831 in Cumberland Co., PA.

Edward Courtland MITCHELL

Emily Caroline BEALS

Peter KOCH married Anna Maria MINNICH on 31 Aug 1790 in Exeter, Berks Co., PA @ Schwartzwal, Reformed Church.

Anna Maria MINNICH [Parents] was born 2 Sep 1773 in Bernville Twp., Berks Co., PA. She married Peter KOCH on 31 Aug 1790 in Exeter, Berks Co., PA @ Schwartzwal, Reformed Church.

John Claude PREWETT

Virginia Laura BARKSDALE

Michael MINNICH [Parents] was born 7 Oct 1769. He died 28 Oct 1852 in Franklin Co., PA. Michael married Maria Catherine BINKLEY.

Maria Catherine BINKLEY was born 10 Jun 1772 in Lancaster Co., PA. She died 28 Oct 1832 in Franklin Co., PA. Maria married Michael MINNICH.

They had the following children:

  M i Bernard/Barnett MINNICH
  M ii Daniel MINNICH was born about 1811 and died 6 May 1886.
  F iii Elizabeth MINNICH was born 3 Mar 1798 in Cocalico, Dauphin Co., PA and was christened 6 May 1798 in swamp Lutheran Church, Cocalico Twp., Dauphin Co., PA.
  M iv Peter MINNICH was born 27 Oct 1800 in Dauphin Co., PA. He died before 1808.
  M v Michael MINNICH was born 12 Apr 1802 and died 15 Dec 1842.
  M vi William MINNICH was born 22 Jul 1803 in Dauphin Co., PA.
  F vii Catherine MINNICH was born 10 Dec 1804 and died 19 Jan 1866.
  M viii Peter MINNICH was born 25 Sep 1808.

Joseph Swift RICHARDS


Johann Heinrich BOLLER married Elizabeth JEUNER.

Elizabeth JEUNER married Johann Heinrich BOLLER.

They had the following children:

  M i Christian BOLLER
  M ii Wilhelm BOLLER died about 1847.
  F iii Marie Elizabeth BOLLER died 16 Jun 1809.
  M iv David BOLLER
  M v Frederick BOLLER was born 1767 and died 24 Nov 1802.
  M vi Johann BOLLER was born 21 Apr 1774 and died 14 Jun.
  M vii Jacob BOLLER was born 1791. He died 16 Sep 1851.

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