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Nissen Family Genealogy



Jacob WAGNER married Catherine (Wagner).

Catherine (Wagner) married Jacob WAGNER.

They had the following children:

  F i Eva Maria WAGNER was born 18 Mar 1776 and died 9 May 1847.

Johann Daniel HUFFINES [Parents] was born about 1755 in PA. He married Lucretia SADLER on 1779.

Lucretia SADLER married Johann Daniel HUFFINES on 1779.

Johann Phillip HUFFINES [Parents] was born 1758 in PA. He died 7 Oct 1825 in Orange Co., NC. Johann married Barbara Elizabeth TICKLE.

Barbara Elizabeth TICKLE

Christian HUFFINES [Parents] was born 1764 in PA. He died 1853 in Simpson Co., KY. Christian married Anna Maria "Mary" WILLIARD about 1795.

Anna Maria "Mary" WILLIARD [Parents] was born 24 Jun 1774. She married Christian HUFFINES about 1795.

George WILLIARD married Eva LAUER.

Eva LAUER married George WILLIARD.

They had the following children:

  F i Anna Maria "Mary" WILLIARD was born 24 Jun 1774.

Jacob CHRISMAN was born 4 May 1720 in Rodan, Atewthal, Alsace. He died 24 Jan 1785 in Guilford Co., NC. Jacob married Barbara HECKENDORN on 1 Oct 1742 in York or Lancaste, PA.

Other marriages:
KRAEMER, Barbara

Barbara HECKENDORN [Parents] was born 1718. She died 1759. Barbara married Jacob CHRISMAN on 1 Oct 1742 in York or Lancaste, PA.

They had the following children:

  M i Johannes Jacob CHRISMAN was christened 27 Oct 1743 and died 1810.
  M ii Jacob Rev. CHRISMAN was born 25 May 1745 in York Co., PA and was christened 27 Oct 1745 in Creutz Creek, York Co., PA.
  M iii Abraham CHRISMAN was born 27 Sep 1747 in York Co., PA. He died 1755 in Lancaster Co., PA.
  F iv Anna Maria CHRISMAN was born 1 Mar 1749.
  F v Catharina CHRISMAN was born 25 Nov 1751.
  F vi Theodora CHRISMAN was born 3 Apr 1754. She died 1756 in Lancaster Co., PA.
  M vii Daniel CHRISMAN was born 1756 and died 1816/1818.

David HUFFINES [Parents] was born about 1775 in Orange Co., NC. He married Magdalena "Molly" TICKLE about 1799.

Magdalena "Molly" TICKLE [Parents] was born 1771. She died 1871. Magdalena married David HUFFINES about 1799.

John TICKLE married Mary (Tickle).

Mary (Tickle) married John TICKLE.

They had the following children:

  F i Magdalena "Molly" TICKLE was born 1771 and died 1871.

Elizabeth HUFFINES [Parents] was born about 1793. He died 21 Aug 1841 and was buried in Olvey Cem., Green Twp., Hancock Co., IN. Elizabeth married William AMICK about 1817.

William AMICK married Elizabeth HUFFINES about 1817.

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