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Nissen Family Genealogy


Sarah (Bensell)

They had the following children:

  M i George Dr. BENSELL.

Harold MC CUEN

Margaret MINNICK [Parents]

Other marriages:

Mordecai MOORE

Elizabeth (Moore)


Margaret MINNICK [Parents]

Other marriages:
MC CUEN, Harold


Elizabeth ROTCH

Jasper Jr. FARMAR [Parents] died 1785. He married Catherine (Farmer).

Catherine (Farmer)

Charles Henry BAKER [Parents] was born 20 Feb 1793. He died 21 Sep 1872. Charles married Elizabeth BOLLER on 8 Dec 1814.

Elizabeth BOLLER [Parents] was born 16 Jun 1799 in Philadelphia, PA. She died 8 Feb 1891. Elizabeth married Charles Henry BAKER on 8 Dec 1814.

They had the following children:

  F i Emma BAKER was born 24 Oct 1815.
  F ii Elizabeth Ann BAKER was born 7 Nov 1820 and died 4 Jun 1894.
  F iii Catherine Augusta BAKER was born 15 Mar 1823. She died 6 Mar 1824 and was buried in St. John's Luth., Ch..
  F iv Caroline BAKER was born 17 Mar 1825. She died 10 Feb 1827 and was buried in St. John's Luth., Ch..
  M v Charles Henry BAKER was born 23 Oct 1829. He died 1 Jul 1888.
  M vi Alfred Haga BAKER was born 1 Jan 1832. He died 10 Apr 1833 and was buried in St. John's Luth., Church.

John Remeagus BAKER [Parents] was born 1763. He died 1829. John married Mary SLESMAN.

Mary SLESMAN [Parents] married John Remeagus BAKER.

They had the following children:

  M i Charles Henry BAKER was born 20 Feb 1793 and died 21 Sep 1872.
  F ii Anna Maria BAKER was born 23 Apr 1797. She died 17 Jan 1825.
  M iii Samuel BAKER was born 18 May 1799. He died 5 Oct 1825.
  F iv Eleanor BAKER was born 7 Jan 1803 and died 4 Sep 1845.
  F v Matilda BAKER was born 28 Dec 1806 and died 29 Dec 1873.
  M vi Henry Slesman BAKER was born 15 Dec 1809 and died 2 Jan 1844.

Johann BOLLER [Parents] was born 21 Apr 1774. He died 14 Jun. Johann married Catherine ECKEL on 24 Sep 1798.

Catherine ECKEL [Parents] was born 4 Aug 1778. She died 10 Nov 1847 and was buried in Laurel Hill Cem., Philadelphia, PA. Catherine married Johann BOLLER on 24 Sep 1798.

They had the following children:

  F i Elizabeth BOLLER was born 16 Jun 1799 and died 8 Feb 1891.
  M ii Henry BOLLER was born 14 Oct 1802.
  F iii Catherine BOLLER was born 2 Oct 1805.
  M iv John Jacob BOLLER was born 9 Nov 1808. He died 9 May 1834.

NALOVITE married Alice CLAYTON before 4 Jul 1557.

Alice CLAYTON [Parents] was born about 1545 in Rudgwick, Sussex, England. She married NALOVITE before 4 Jul 1557.

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