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Nissen Family Genealogy

Mathias PEDERSON married Bodil JENSDATTER.

Bodil JENSDATTER married Mathias PEDERSON.

They had the following children:

  M i Peder MATHIASEN was born 29 Aug 1818 and died 16 Dec 1894.

Hans CHRISTENSEN [Parents] was born 9 Oct 1823 in Vejle, Torrild Herred, Gadberg, Roestrup. He died 17 Aug 1872. Hans married Catherine PEDERSDATTER in Randbol Sogn.

Catherine PEDERSDATTER was born 1824 in Randbol Sogn. She married Hans CHRISTENSEN in Randbol Sogn.

They had the following children:

  M i Christen HANSEN was born 1 Jul 1853 in Gadberg Sogn.
  F ii Ane Kirstine HANSEN was born 18 Feb 1855.
  M iii Peder HANSEN was born 18 Nov 1856.
  F iv Margrethe HANSEN was born 7 Jan 1858 in Gadberg Sogn. She died 26 Jan 1859 in Gadberg Sogn.
  F v Kjerstine Margrethe HANSEN was born 23 Feb 1860.
  M vi Jens Christian HANSEN was born 4 Mar 1864 in Gadberg Sogn.
  F vii Jensine Margrethe HANSEN was born 25 Nov 1866 in Gadberg Sogn.

Kristen HANSEN married Ane Kirstine HANSEN on 27 Jun 1879.

Ane Kirstine HANSEN [Parents] was born 18 Feb 1855 in Gadberg Sogn. She married Kristen HANSEN on 27 Jun 1879.

Peder HANSEN [Parents] was born 18 Nov 1856 in Gadberg Sogn. He married Hansine Laurin HANSEN.

Hansine Laurin HANSEN

Peder Niels NIELSEN married Kjerstine Margrethe HANSEN on 29 Jul 1887.

Other marriages:
NIELSEN, Susanne

Kjerstine Margrethe HANSEN [Parents] was born 23 Feb 1860 in Gadberg Sogn. She married Peder Niels NIELSEN on 29 Jul 1887.

Jens CHRISTENSEN married Margrethe CHRISTENSDATTER on 9 Jul 1842.

Other marriages:

Margrethe CHRISTENSDATTER [Parents] was born 20 Jun 1825 in Vejle, Torrild, Gadberg, Roestrup. She died 1 Mar 1851. Margrethe married Jens CHRISTENSEN on 9 Jul 1842.

They had the following children:

  F i Kirstine JENSDATTER was born 26 Dec 1843 in Clausholm.
  F ii Ane JENSDATTER was born 23 Jun 1845 in Clausholm.
  M iii Christen JENSEN was born 19 May 1847 in Clausholm.

Jens CHRISTENSEN married Ane Else MADSDATTER on 10 Oct 1851.

Other marriages:

Ane Else MADSDATTER married Jens CHRISTENSEN on 10 Oct 1851.

Soren CHRISTENSEN [Parents] was born 24 Mar 1827 in Vejle, Torrild, Gadberg. He died 5 Mar 1907. Soren married Maren JENSEN.

Maren JENSEN [Parents] was born 3 Oct 1824 in Bredsten Sogn. She married Soren CHRISTENSEN.

They had the following children:

  M i Christen Hansen SORENSEN was born 2 Nov 1852.
  M ii Jens SORENSEN was born 15 Mar 1854 and died 20 Mar 1917.
  M iii Anton SORENSEN was born 30 Jan 1857 in Vejle, Torrild, Gadberg.
  M iv Niels Peder SORENSEN was born 27 Apr 1861 in Vejle, Torrild, Gadberg.
  M v Christian SORENSEN was born 5 Nov 1863 in Vejle, Torrild, Gadberg.
  F vi Mette Margrethe SORENSEN was born 28 Jul 1866 in Vejle, Torrild, Gadberg.

Jens JENSEN married Kirstine Mette GREGERSDATTER.

Kirstine Mette GREGERSDATTER married Jens JENSEN.

They had the following children:

  F i Maren JENSEN was born 3 Oct 1824.

Christen Hansen SORENSEN [Parents] was born 2 Nov 1852 in Vejle, Torrild, Gadberg. He married Marie Kirstine PEDERSEN on 28 Mar 1879.

Marie Kirstine PEDERSEN married Christen Hansen SORENSEN on 28 Mar 1879.

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