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Nissen Family Genealogy

Michael LOHR

Leanah MINNICK [Parents] was born 1827 in Rockingham Co., VA. She died before 1863. Leanah married Michael LOHR.


Elizabeth HANSON


Mahala MINNICK [Parents] was born 9 Sep 1829 in Rockingham Co., VA. She died 27 Mar 1896 in Rockingham Co., VA and was buried in Family Cemetery On The Lohr, Long Meadows, Rockingham Co., VA. Mahala married Jesse MOYERS.



William MINNICK [Parents] was born 12 Nov 1828 in Rockingham Co., VA. He died in Soldier's Home, Richmond, VA. William married Mary GUYER.




John Remeagus BAKER [Parents] was born 1763. He died 1829. John married Mary SLESMAN.

Mary SLESMAN [Parents] married John Remeagus BAKER.

They had the following children:

  M i Charles Henry BAKER was born 20 Feb 1793 and died 21 Sep 1872.
  F ii Anna Maria BAKER was born 23 Apr 1797. She died 17 Jan 1825.
  M iii Samuel BAKER was born 18 May 1799. He died 5 Oct 1825.
  F iv Eleanor BAKER was born 7 Jan 1803 and died 4 Sep 1845.
  F v Matilda BAKER was born 28 Dec 1806 and died 29 Dec 1873.
  M vi Henry Slesman BAKER was born 15 Dec 1809 and died 2 Jan 1844.

Henry SLESMAN was born 19 Apr 1733. He died 28 Sep 1805. Henry married Catherine LOHRMAN on 19 Oct 1761 in St. Michael's CH, Philadelphia, PA.

Catherine LOHRMAN married Henry SLESMAN on 19 Oct 1761 in St. Michael's CH, Philadelphia, PA.

They had the following children:

  F i Mary SLESMAN.

Christopher AKA Baker BECKER was born 6 Mar 1718 in Hanover, Germany. He died 23 Aug 1804 in Philadelphia, PA. Christopher married Elizabeth Marguerite (Becker) on 1748/1749.

Elizabeth Marguerite (Becker) married Christopher AKA Baker BECKER on 1748/1749.

They had the following children:

  M i John Remeagus BAKER was born 1763 and died 1829.
  F ii Elizabeth BECKER died 20 Feb 1845.
  M iii Charles Christian BECKER was born 25 Aug 1751. He died 12 Aug 1780.
  M iv Godfrey BECKER was born 1 Jan 1754. He died 5 Jul 1801.
  M v Samuel BECKER was born 2 Mar 1759. He died 25 Sep 1793.


Eleanor BAKER [Parents] was born 7 Jan 1803. She died 4 Sep 1845 in Baltimore, MD. Eleanor married C. A. SCHAEFER.

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