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Nissen Family Genealogy

Thomas SHREVE died 1782. He married Sarah SHREVE.


They had the following children:

  F i Hope SHREVE died 7 Nov 1789.

David BREARLY [Parents] was born 14 May 1703. He died 4 Oct 1785. David married Mary CLARK.



Ruth BREARLY [Parents]

John REEVE married Sarah (Reeve).

Sarah (Reeve) married John REEVE.

They had the following children:

  F i Mary REEVE was born about 1720 and died 5 Oct 1770.

John RODMAN Dr. [Parents] was born 14 May 1679 in Barbadoes. He died 13 Jul 1756 in Burlington, NJ. John married Mary WILLETT on 7 Jul 1719.

Other marriages:
GROSSE, Magaret

Mary WILLETT [Parents] married John RODMAN Dr. on 7 Jul 1719.

They had the following children:

  M i William RODMAN was born 5 May 1720 and died 30 Jan 1794.
  F ii Anna RODMAN was born May 1722 and died 1763.
  M iii Scammon RODMAN was born 8 Mar 1723. He died 4 Jan 1762.
  F iv Hannah RODMAN was born 4 Jul 1726. She died 7 Oct 1755.
  M v Samuel RODMAN was born 30 May 1729. He died 4 Jun 1761.
  F vi Margaret RODMAN was born 6 Aug 1731 and died 18 Oct 1752.
  F vii Elizabeth RODMAN was born 1734 and died 1783.

John RODMAN was born in Ireland. He died 1686 in Barbadoes. John married Elizabeth (Rodman).

Elizabeth (Rodman) married John RODMAN.

They had the following children:

  F i Katherine RODMAN
  F ii Ann RODMAN
  M iii Thomas RODMAN Dr. was born 26 Dec 1640 and died 11 Jan 1728.
  M iv John RODMAN Dr. was born 1653 and died 10 Jul 1731.

Thomas WEST.

He had the following children:

  F i Esther WEST was born 6 Jan 1761 and died 23 Jan 1840.


Katherine RODMAN [Parents]


Ann RODMAN [Parents]

Thomas RODMAN Dr. [Parents] was born 26 Dec 1640. He died 11 Jan 1728 in Newport, RI and was buried in Clifton BG, Newport, RI. Thomas married Patience EASTON on 7 Jun 1682.

Other marriages:
CLARKE, Hannah

Patience EASTON [Parents] married Thomas RODMAN Dr. on 7 Jun 1682.

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