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The following information on this page is for reference only. Most of the information has been verified but some is not. It is intended to give a possible connection or location in order to do further research and is intended for that purpose only.

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Amos Crow/Amy Butterfield

I. Amos CROW was born 10 Dec 1835 in Jackson Co., OH. He died 10 Apr 1884 in North Bend Nebraska and was buried in Glencoe Cemetery, Pleasant Valley, Dodge Co., Nebraska. Amos married Amy BUTTERFIELD, daughter of Thomas B BUTTERFIELD and Mary Sarah MINNICK, on 21 Mar 1867 in Warren County, Ill. Amy was born 29 Sep 1839 in Union Co., Ohio. She died 1 Aug 1918 in North Bend, Dodge Co., Nebraska.

They had the following Children

2M 1. Marshall CROW was born 4 Jan 1869 in Abingdon, Ill. He died 7 Apr 1948 in North Bend, Nebraska and was buried in Woodland Cem., North Bend, Nebraska.

3F ii. Ella CROW was born 30 May 1871 in Abingdon, ILL.

4F iii. Amanda CROW was born 6 Sep 1874 in Abingdon, Ill. She died 17 Nov 1947 in Stanton, Stanton Co., Nebraska and was buried in Stanton Cemetery, Stanton, Nebraska. Amanda married William Alexander KIRKLAND, son of Richard Isaac KIRKLAND and Hartie MARCELLUS, on 9 Mar 1898 in Schuyler, Nebraska. William was born 8 Aug 1873 in Galena, ILL. He died Nov 1951 in Stanton, Stanton Co., Nebraska.

5F iv. Arminien CROW was born 7 Jan 1877 in Abingdon, Ill. She died Apr 1970 in Central City, Nebraska.Arminien married Albert ABEL, son of unk ABEL

6M v. Edgar (Twin) CROW was born 18 Jul 1880 in Abingdon, ILL. He died 2 Jan 1958 in North Bend, Nebraska and was buried 5 Jan 1958 in Woodland Cem., North Bend, Nebraska.

7F vi. Edna (Twin) CROW was born 18 Jul 1880 in Abingdon. Ill. She died 13 Jun 1963 in North Bend, Nebraska and was buried in Woodland Cem., North Bend, Nebraska.

8 vii. Infant CROW was born in Abingdon, Illinois. Died in infancy

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